"Effortless, concise and a team on wheels. Pixel Pond is a rare breed of recruitment companies gifted with brilliant foresight for needs of a client and contractor and harmonising them together. To say Pixel Pond are outstanding at what they do is an understatement."

Louise - Designer

Pixel Pond is an exceptional recruitment agency. Having dealt with a lot, I graduated and Pixel Pond stood out as well-informed industry experts who understand design and tech and can most importantly match candidates with the right companies. Within a week of meeting Pritesh, I got an offer at a very exciting company which met all the things I was looking for.

Faysel - Junior Designer

"Pixel Pond is easily the best recruitment company I've ever worked with. They know a lot about the tech industry and they do not waste your time. They managed to get me a perfect match in the first interview, and made my job search quick, easy and effortless. They are great people and great recruiters, I can highly recommend them."

Alvaro - Product Designer

"I couldn't recommend working with Pixel Pond enough. They are thorough, professional and continues to bring top talent to us. Pixel Pond have recruited some of the strongest members of our Product and UX team. They always respond speedily and truly understand what we are looking for. The teams candidate management experience is incredibly impressive."

Ferzana - Head of Talent

"Pixel Pond is a consummate professional. The team turned the recruitment process from a potentially daunting and stressful experience into a positive and exciting one. I highly recommend working with them if you ever have the opportunity."

Sarah - Product Lead

"Pixel Pond is one of those extremely rare recruitment companies who actually get it! They do not just do box checking exercises between CVs and Roles, but they take the time to understand the role."

Usman - European Product Director

"In my eyes, Pixel Pond is without overstatement, a creative recruiter of the future.They don't deal with quick fixes, placements and scores - the team think in good matches, chemistry and solutions. Pixel Pond's utmost professionalism, perseverance and humanity result in lasting relationships, great dialogues and adequate career paths."

Ilko - Global Design Lead

"It has been a pleasure working with Pritesh, who is a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of the recruiters out there. He works hard to understand the team and culture of the recruiting organisation, and only puts you forward if he genuinely feels you'll be a good match so there is a high chance of success."

Jimmy - Developer

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