Not everything can be solved with a pep talk or updated CV, so encouraging candidates to progress through training and mentoring is something we believe is well worth the effort.

Experience Haus and Pixel Pond

Like us, Experience Haus believe that self improvement shouldn't be a luxury. Learning shouldn't have to stop when we leave school or graduate. But for most juggling the high cost of city living and long hours, it isn't always practical to continue formal learning.

There is a need for affordable education, and for spaces dedicated to self-improvement. Experience Haus host courses, workshops, and events for the curious. They're a group of passionate creatives who love to bring people together with design.

We work with them to connect students in the industry, and enable the most inquisitive minds to continue learning.

The Experience Haus workshop helped me look at our processes with a different perspective and increased my confidence approaching UX. Highly recommended!"

Hannah, Customer Success Manager

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