July 18

It’s probably fair to say CV writing is at the bottom of most to-do lists, the faint feeling of dread at approaching the task is quite normal. Writing a CV when looking for a job in tech requires a no nonsense approach, so to make the process a little more bearable, here are a few simple tips.


  • Chances are, your CV will be one of many so be concise – your potential employer doesn’t want to read a novel. Use a simple format and a clear layout. Avoid using photos, links tend to work better.

  • Keep your timeline clear, gaps are a fairly normal thing so don’t panic if you have a few. If necessary, you can use your cover to explain any travels. 

  • Make sure every job you list has some context, employers need to know exactly how you were involved in projects.

  • Being punctual, a team player, and hard-working should be a given – there’s no need to include this as the rest of your CV should be a testament to it.

  • Including hobbies are a nice way of introducing a bit of personality. It can also be helpful to give an idea of your ambitions and where you’d like to be in a few years. 

  • Keep your skills and key technologies concise. Simply listing them somewhere along the top can be an effective way of showcasing everything you know. 

  • Triple check your spelling, and that all your links work. Once you’re happy, send as a PDF. 


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