March 19

What a brilliant day co-hosting 'A Conversation About Design' with Experience House on 9 March at Rise London. We celebrated and explored a theme that is on the mind of so many: The Future of Learning.

We discussed how we can learn better, how our brain makeup and attention spans are changing, and how can we build the types of analytical muscle that we need to thrive in an age where information is available at a fingertip or voice command.

We are living longer, changing careers often, and living in a more connected world with education on demand - how does this impact the way we learn, how we learn and what we want to learn?

How emerging technologies change the way we learn, how companies are upskilling their teams, and what are possible areas or opportunities for disruption.

To learn more about the day, feel free to get in touch. We're happy to share more details with you.


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